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It is compulsory to complete an internship for a total of 8 weeks before graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Insternship must be carried out and documented in accordance with the rules as stated in Izmir University of Economics Internship Manuel.


For the attention of ID students,
''Intern Evaluation Form'' should be filled in at the end of the internship by the authorities in the institution (signed and stamped in a signed and closed envelope), ''Internship Place Evaluation Form'' should be filled by the students. These should be submitted to the Internship Committee within 7 days following the end of the internship period. 
Please answer the questions on the report and explain it by adding visuals. We do not have any additional questions but it is required to include the works done during the internship, applications, computer programs learned, etc. with the related visuals in the internship report. All pages should be signed and stamped by the authorities in the institution. 
Please prepare your reports in the direction of the above explanations in order to prevent any problem and do not delay your submission.
We, as a internship committee, wish you a internship period full with success! 

Concerning internships, students  can get information from Career Guidance Center website.

Internship Department Coordinators

Deniz Deniz -

Deniz Sayar -

Can Özcan -

All internship requests that are applied to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Secretariat will be announced through this page.



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