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Technical Trips

2013-2014 Technical Trips
In 2014 Spring Semester, 2nd year industrial design students were at Denizli, Isparta, Antalya, and Aydın for a technical visit as part of the Production Technologies course. Students and Instructors are informed about the production techniques in Denizli Cam handmade glass production facilities, Ares Yacht aluminum and composite yacht building facilities, Caner Office Furniture wood production line and Mondial Motor manufacturing and assembly facilities. This tecnical trip has provided students with the comparison of the production processes among various materials.

Within the scope of PD 314 and DM 302 courses that held by contribution of Vestel White Goods, a technical trip to Vestel City in Manisa carried out on 22nd of April, 2014. Students from 3rd year Industrial Product Design and Design Management options are attended to the trip and their education is supported with instructions by managers and their observations in one of the biggest factories in the world, Vestel City. After the tour, Vestel White Goods R&D and Design Department managers and designers came together with the students, shared ideas compared notes on their course projects and white goods design.

2012-2013 Technical Trip

In 2013 Spring Semester, 2nd year industrial design students were at Kütahya, Eskişehir and Ankara for a technical visit. During the visit, students were informed about production techniques of white goods, defence industry and ceramic at the companies Arçelik, Aselsan and Altın Çini. They also visited METU Technopark. This technical trip has provided students with the production knowledge in large scale industries as well as enabled them to pursue doing intern in one of these companies.

2011-2012 Technical Trip
In 2012 Spring semester, our department has organized a technical trip to Kocaeli and Bursa, within the scope of Materials for Industrial Design course. As part of this technical trip, a yatch design corporation, Sirena Marine and a furniture design manufacturing company, Ndesign which are located in Bursa, were visited. In Kocaeli, Assanhanil, which is active in the field of automative, and Gebze factory of Arçelik were visited. The trip has been very beneficial for the students to enhance their knowledge on materials and production techniques.




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